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“Double penalty of gender and motherhood” and female labor force participation

YANG Juhua

Population Research,Vol 43,No. 01

From health advantage to health disadvantage: the epidemiological paradox in rural migrants

LI Jianmin;WANG Ting;SUN Zhishuai

Population Research,Vol 42,No. 06

The effect of housing price on family fertility decision in China

GE Yuhao;ZHANG Xuemei

Population Research,Vol 43,No. 01

Behavioral attitudes of the elderly towards social care services: the case of Beijing

WANG Yongmei;DU Peng

Population Research,Vol 42,No. 06

Entry of foreign capital, gender employment gap and enterprise exit

LI Lei;JIANG Dianchun;WANG Xiaojie

The Journal of World Economy,Vol 41,No. 12