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Study on exercise as punishment on basis of educational punishment theory

LUO Yongyi;QIU Jun

Journal of Beijing Sport University,Vol 39,No. 02

The impacts of America’s rebalancing strategy on China’s maritime territorial disputes

WANG Weiguang;CHEN Yao

Journal of Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies,No. 01

Life & death and time: a study centered on Zhuangzi

WEI Mengfei

History of Chinese Philosophy,No. 03

Zhang Jiucheng’s interpretation to “attainment of knowledge and investigation of things” in Great Learning under the philosophy of the mind

LI Chunying

History of Chinese Philosophy,No. 03

Goal compatibility, investment horizon, and family control: evidence from R&D fund allocation

WU Bingde;WANG Zhiwei;CHEN Shihui ;ZHU Jian’an ;CHEN Ling

Management World,No. 02

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