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Current Density on Microstructure and Thermal Control Performances of MgO-ZnO Ceramic Coatings

LI Hang;LU Song-Tao;QIN Wei;WU Xiao-Hong

Journal of Inorganic Materials,Vol 32,No. 12

Regrowth of CdTe Quantum Dots Induced by Circular Polarized Light and Its Effect on the Photoluminescence

YAN Bo;PENG Ze-Yang;LV Bin;LIU Wei

Journal of Inorganic Materials,Vol 32,No. 12

Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzeziński’s thinking on Taiwan question: his solution and prevention

ZHONG Houtao

Taiwan Studies,No. 02

A Method to Identify the Second Reverse Traveling Wave Induced by Single-phase-to-ground Fault in Transmission Line

LEI Aoyu;DONG Xinzhou;SHI Shenxing

Proceedings of the CSEE,Vol 36,No. 08

Experimental verification and simulation analysis on power consumption of disc type ditcher

KANG Jianming ;LI Shujun ;Yang Xuejun ;LIU Lijing ;LI Changrong

Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering,Vol 32,No. 13