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Analysis of oil consumption under industrialization of different regimes—an empirical study based on Path-STR model

CHAI Jian;LIANG Ting;ZHOU Youhong;WANG Shouyang;Kin KeungLai

Chinese Journal of Management Science,Vol 25,No. 11

Psychological capital, emotional adaptation and college students’ Internet addiction: analysis on the total effect moderation model based on gender differences

BI Xiangyang

Youth Studies,No. 03

Exploration of adolescents’ migration status and the differences of social bond

HONG Pei;GAO Yunjiao

Youth Studies,No. 05

Child parenting in urban two-child family: resources allocation and raising style

XU Zhening

Youth Studies,No. 06

Influence of different goal pursuits on well-being

LI Yuan

Youth Studies,No. 06