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Comprehensive Two-child Research Analysis
Translated from the Chinese edition
Editor(s)-in-Chief:Bilingual Publishing Center of Social Sciences
Publisher(s):China Academic Journals (CD Edition) Electronic Publishing House Co., Ltd.

First Published: 2020.11.24
Discipline(s): Education & Social Sciences
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  • Comprehensive Two-child Research Analysis is a compilation of 33 papers by China’s top demographers including Professor Qiao Xiaochun from the Institute of Population Research of Peking University, Professor Peng Xizhe from the Center for Population and Development Policy Studies of Fudan University, and Professor Song Jian from the Population Development Studies Center of Renmin University of China. These works cover journals like Chinese Journal of Population Science, Population & Economics, Population Research, and Population Journal. This Chinese-English bilingual e-book focuses on four themes: Selective Two-child Policy, Universal Two-child Policy, Gender & Two-child Research, and Comprehensive Research, and shows readers the latest research on China’s two-child policy and the current situation from the perspectives of policy, population, gender, resource, and employment. In the e-book, the number of Chinese characters totals around 320,000 and that of English words totals roughly 224,000.