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Journal of Tea Science
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Current Issue: Issue 06, 2020  

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  • The journal aims to report the latest scientific achievements in tea science, conduct academic debate, and promote academic exchanges and the scientific cause of tea science to effectively serve the national economic construction.

  • Editor-in-Chief:JIANG Yongwen

Study on the Correlation between the Activities of Key Enzymes Involved in Anthocyanin Synthesis and the Content of Important Polyphenols in Purple Tea

CAO Bingbing;WANG Qiushuang;QIN Dandan;FU Donghe;FANG Kaixing ;JIANG Xiaohui;LI Hongjian;WANG Qing;PAN Chendong;LI Bo;WU Hualing

Journal of Tea Science,2020,Vol 40,No. 06

Research Progress of Tea Rhizosphere Microorganisms

HUANG Fangfang;LI Qin;HUANG Jian’an

Journal of Tea Science,2020,Vol 40,No. 06

Quality Analysis of Tencha Made from Different Tea Cultivars

MAO Yalin;WANG Fang;YIN Junfeng;XU Yongquan

Journal of Tea Science,2020,Vol 40,No. 06