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Steel Construction(Chinese & English)
Translated from the Chinese edition
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  • The goal of STEEL CONSTRUCTION is to promote the academic level of steel structure study and the development of the field, and speed up the progress and prosperity of steel structure industry as well. We adhere to technological policy-and trend-oriented principle, the pertinence to boost development of science and technology, the practicality of solving major technical problems in production and construction, and the innovations in technological progress. STEEL CONSTRUCTION aims to provide a high-level international academic exchange platform for field of steel structure technology that can lead the future and direction of the entire field.Our journal articles pay equal attention to the basic research and applied practices, covering the research status and state-of-the-art of steel structures, which includes new theory, new techniques, new materials and typical engineering projects with the qualities of being theoretical, experimental and fundamental. The journal also conveys comprehensive results with higher academic level and application value. The directions of report include at least as follow: High-Performance Steel, Space Steel Structures ,High-Rise Steel Structures,Prestressed Steel Structures,Steel-Concrete Composite Structures,Light-Gauge Steel Structures ,Residential Steel Structures,Bridge Steel Structures,Special Steel Structures,Assembled Steel Structure Building

  • Editor-in-Chief: Zhou Xuhong

Design of Members for Shear

WANG Lijun

Steel Construction(Chinese & English),2021,No. 06