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Agricultural Archaeology
Translated from the Chinese edition
Supervisor(s):Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences
Sponsor(s):Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences

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Research on Shicha in the Song Dynasty Highlights

Shen Dongmei

Agricultural Archaeology,2020,No. 05

Changes of primitive agriculture in Wumeng Mountainous Area of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau from Pre-Qin to Han and Jin dynasties Highlights


Agricultural Archaeology,2021,No. 04

Planting and cultivation of Pueraria and its fabric utilization in ancient China Highlights

XU Yunzhi;ZHU Hongbin

Agricultural Archaeology,2021,No. 03

Study on the plant remains from the Karakhoja Cemetery in Xinjiang from Jin to Tang dynasties Highlights

ZHANG Yuan;YAN Xuemei;CHEN Tao;JIANG Hong'en

Agricultural Archaeology,2021,No. 04

On the relationship between the spread of millet into Xinjiang and the westward migration of Kunwu people Highlights

LI Maichan

Agricultural Archaeology,2021,No. 04

Introduction and dissemination of peanut in the Yellow River Delta in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China Highlights

LI Bowen;Wang Fengxiang

Agricultural Archaeology,2021,No. 04

Study on the development and geographical distribution of Henan rural markets in the Ming Dynasty Highlights


Agricultural Archaeology,2021,No. 04

Decline and historical influence of Henan social economy in late Qing Dynasty Highlights

ZHANG Qinggai

Agricultural Archaeology,2020,No. 06

Yue’s agricultural development of the Shankuai Plain in the period of Wu-Yue competing for hegemony Highlights

QIAN Rushen

Agricultural Archaeology,2020,No. 04

Restoration of production and management mode in the farming-pastoral zone during historical periods: flotation results of plant remains from archaeological survey in Cangtou River Basin Highlights

ZHAO Zhijun

Agricultural Archaeology,2020,No. 04