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China Tropical Medicine
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  • This journal is dedicated to reporting the new theories and technologies, research results and experiences on prevention and treatment research of tropical disease in China and abroad, and also to publicizing health service policies of the party and government to guide relevant research.

  • Editor-in-Chief:Wang Shanqing

Therapeutic effect of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine on COVID-19 in Guangzhou

AI Xiangying;LUO Chun;LIN Luping;XIE Min;FAN Huimin;TAN Xinghua

China Tropical Medicine,2020,Vol 20,No. 08

Isolation and identification of Yersinia pestis bacteriophage from plague foci of domestic rats in Pu’er City, Yunnan

DONG Shanshan;WANG Peng;ZHONG Youhong;SU Chao;DUAN Biao;LI Er;YANG Fengyi;TAN Hongli;GUO Ying;DUAN Cunjuan;WU Hesong

China Tropical Medicine,2020,Vol 20,No. 08

Genetic characteristics of neuraminidase gene of Influenza A virus (H3N2) in Hainan, 2019-2020

CUI Lei;PAN Jiaxing;WANG Rumin;SUN Chuyang;LI Dandan;MA Yan

China Tropical Medicine,2020,Vol 20,No. 08