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Petroleum Drilling Techniques
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  • Petroleum Drilling Techniques is supervised by China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group), sponsored by Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering. It aims to serve the authors and readers interested in the field of petroleum, and promote the development of petroleum engineering technology. Its scope covers oil exploitation, oil drilling, and oil drilling equipment. Petroleum Drilling Techniques is included in CSCD, CA, EBSCO. Impact factor is 1.650.

  • Editor-in-Chief: Ma Kaihua

The Dynamic Laws of Overflow Intrusion in Fractured Formations

HE Shiming;LIU Sen;ZHAO Zhuanling;TANG Ming;LI Heng;DENG Fuyuan

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2018,Vol 46,No. 06

A Five-Step Bullheading Killing Well Control Method for Fractured Formations without a Safety Pressure Window

TENG Xueqing;SUN Baojiang;ZHANG Yaoming;WANG Zhiyuan;LIU Hongtao;LYU Kaihe

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2018,Vol 46,No. 06

CO 2 Utilization Ratio Simulation during a CO 2 Huff-and-Puff Process in Ultra-Low Permeability Oil Reservoirs

QIAN Kun;YANG Shenglai;MA Xuan;DOU Hongen;HUANG Yu

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2018,Vol 46,No. 06

Discussion on Low-Cost Drilling Technologies of Normal-Pressure Shale Gas in the Outer Margin of the Sichuan Basin

CHEN Anming;LONG Zhiping;ZHOU Yucang;WANG Yanqi;PENG Xing;CAO Huaqing

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2018,Vol 46,No. 06

Evaluation of the Influencing Factors of Dilatancy Effects by Squeezing Liquids in SAGD Wells in the Fengcheng Oilfield of Xinjiang Oilfield

LIN Botao;JIN Yan

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2018,Vol 46,No. 06

Structure and Performance Test of Super Elastic Casing Protective Nanofluidic System-Based Protective Casing Jacket

ZHANG Yafei;QI Shanshan;DOU Yihua

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2018,Vol 46,No. 06