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Petroleum Drilling Techniques
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  • Petroleum Drilling Techniques is supervised by China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group), sponsored by Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering. It aims to serve the authors and readers interested in the field of petroleum, and promote the development of petroleum engineering technology. Its scope covers oil exploitation, oil drilling, and oil drilling equipment. Petroleum Drilling Techniques is included in CSCD, CA, EBSCO. Impact factor is 1.650.

  • Editor-in-Chief: Ma Kaihua

An Experimental Study on Rock-Breaking Efficiency of Ultrasonic High-Frequency Rotary-Percussive Drilling Technology

LU Zongyu;ZHENG Junsheng;JIANG Zhenxin;ZHAO Fei

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2021,Vol 49,No. 02

The Characteristics of the Acoustic Field Ahead of the Bit in “Look-Ahead” Acoustic Logging While Drilling

YANG Shubo;QIAO Wenxiao;ZHAO Qiqi;NI Weining;WU Jinping

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2021,Vol 49,No. 02

Under-Balanced Drilling Technique Using Nitrogen Injection into Crude Oil in Oilfield A of Iraqi Kurdistan

HU Qingfu;XIE Chunlai;TIAN Yudong;WANG Huanwen;GAN Jianguo;LIN Hui

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2021,Vol 49,No. 02

Research and Application of Prolonged-Effect Acidizing Technology for Water Injection Wells in the Bohai Oilfield

SUN Lin;LI Xuguang;HUANG Liping;XIA Guang;YANG Miao

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2021,Vol 49,No. 02

Evaluation and Application of Lost Circulation Control by Elastic Mesh Materials

LI Gongrang;YU Lei;LIU Zhendong;LI Hui;MING Yuguang

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2021,Vol 49,No. 02

Hardening Properties and Enhancement Mechanisms of Modified Alumina Cement at Minus Temperature

LIU Haoya;BAO Hongzhi;LIU Yaqing;HE Qingshui;HU Zhiqiang;JIN Xin

Petroleum Drilling Techniques,2021,Vol 49,No. 02