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Supervisor(s):General Administration of Sport of China
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  • China Sport Science, launched in 1981, is the official publication of China Sport Science Society and hosted by China Sport Science Society. General Administration of Sport is its authorities concerned. Under the new background of sports development, the journal aims at publishing more high-level research results which reveals the development of sports science in China. More academically innovative and pratically significant papers are expected to inject new vitality into this influential and comprehensive sports academic journal.

  • Editor-in-chief
    Tian Ye

    Execute editor in chief
    YANG Hua, DU Li-jun, WANG Qing, LI Xiao-xian

    Editorial board of members
    WANG Jin, WANG Jia-hong, CONG Hu-ping, FENG Lian-shi, LV Wan-gang, REN Hai, JIANG Chong-min, LIU Da-qing, LIU Yu, LIU Xing, LI Guo-ping, LI Hong-jiang, JI Liu, SU Ming-li, CHEN Wei, CHEN Pei-jie, ZHANG Li-wei, ZHANG Zhong-qiu, WU Mou-tian, ZHAO Guang-sheng, ZHONG Bing-shu, YAO Jia-xin, AO Ying-fang, CHANG Yun, HUANG Han-sheng, ZHANG Jian-cheng, XIE Min-hao, BAO Ming-xiao

Exploration of the subject characteristics, dynamic evolution and frontier hotspots of international physical activity research for children and adolescents

ZHANG Jian;SUN Hui;ZHANG Jianhua;LIU Zhenduo;CAI Feng;ZHANG Jinbo

China Sport Science,2018,Vol 38,No. 12

Study on the reform idea of Wushu’s professional technical courses

YANG Jianying

China Sport Science,2018,Vol 38,No. 12

Grassroots mobilization and government governance transformation of mass sports

HUAN Changdian;ZHANG Wei

China Sport Science,2018,Vol 38,No. 12