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  • Started publication in January 1957, Academic Monthly was one of the earliest three comprehensive academic journals of philosophy and social sciences established in China after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. In March, 1958, under the leadership of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, as an academic mass organization, Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations (SFOSSA) was established, with promoting and coordinating the city’s social sciences studies and popularization as its main task, and Academic Monthly became its organ. The successive chairmen of SFOSSA are Chen Wangdao, Xia Zhengnong, Luo Zhufeng, Li Chuwen, Qin Shaode, and the present chairman is Wang Zhan, the present leading Party group secretary is Quan Heng; the full-time deputy chairmen are Quan Heng, Xie Chao and Ren Xiaowen; the members of the leading Party group include Quan Heng, Xie Chao, Ren Xiaowen and Chen Linhui. During the “Cultural Revolution” period, SFOSSA stopped activity. In 1978, SFOSSA resumed its function, and Academic Monthly also resumed publication in January, 1979.

  • JIN Fulin

Predicament and Outlet of Global Economic Growth

YUAN Zhigang;ZHENG Zhiwei;GE Jinfeng

Academic Monthly,2020,Vol 52,No. 08