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Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument
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  • Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument is 2nd in Mechanical Engineering, Top10. Supervised by China Association for Science and Technology. Sponsored by China Instrument and Control Society. Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument publishes papers with the highest academic level in the field of Chinese instrument and automation, aims to report scientific frontier, research hotspot and research direction, and also supports the creative scientific thought, values the verification of science experiment. Collected by Ei, CA, SA, JST and CSCD.Impact factor is 2.67.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Zhang Zhonghua

    Associate Editor
    Wang Weiqi, Xu Yunzhong, Wang Xue

Detection of common incorrect squats based on sensor insoles

ZHOU Bingtao;XIANG Mian;WANG Tao;CHEN Shiqiang;JIN Hao

Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument,2021,No. 12