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Electric Power
Translated from the Chinese edition
Supervisor(s):State Grid
Sponsor(s):Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering; State Grid Energy Research Institute

12 issues per year

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  • Electric Power is supervised by State Grid, sponsored by State Grid Energy Research Institute and Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering. The predecessor of the journal is Journal of Power Technology launched in 1956, merged with Energy Technology Economics in 2012.This journal mainly reports on the achievements of power generation, design and construction, scientific research and development and utilization of power information resources, such as power plants, power grids, power supply and so on, and introduces the experience of management and management; published technical policies, technical regulations, standards and power statistics; appropriate introduction of power machinery, electrical and electrical equipment manufacturing sector in the transformation and transformation of experience and foreign power production, technology and management of the dynamic. Electric Power is included in JST, Pж(AJ), and CSCD. Impact factor is 1.356.

  • Honorary chairman: Shu Yinbiao
    Chairman: Zhang yunzhou
    Vice-chairmen: Chen Weijiang, Deng Jianling, Chen Xiaoliang, Jiang Minhua, Wang Chengshan, Ye Ze, Zhu Fahua, Kang Chongqing

Improved Fuzzy Evaluation Model and Assessment of Power Grid Development Diagnosis

AI Xin;HU Huanyu;REN Dapeng;PENG Dong;LIU Huichuan;XUE Yawei;ZHANG Tianqi

Electric Power,2022,No. 05

Realization Pathways and Key Problems of Carbon Neutrality in China’s Energy and Power System

ZHOU Yuanbing;YANG Fang;YU Xiaoxiao;JIANG Han

Electric Power,2022,No. 05