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Chinese Journal of Nursing
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  • Chinese Journal of Nursing, the 1st in the field of nursing, is supervised by China Association for Science and Technology and sponsored by Chinese Nursing Association. Launched in 1954, the journal is the earliest comprehensive nursing academic journal of China with which you can have an overall understanding about the details of China’s nursing disciplines. The journal aims to reflect the clinical progress of nursing and the scientific research of promoting domestic and international academic communication in nursing. Its scope covers nursing management, nursing care, basic nursing, operating room care, community nursing, investigation and analysis, mental health, international exchange, experience and innovation, leading achievements, clinical experience and theoretical researches for guiding nursing clinic. The journal is included in JST and CSCD.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Li XiuHua

Nursing care of a patient with immune checkpoint inhibitor-associated fulminant myocarditis

QIU Xiaoying;SHI Zeya;ZHANG Yan;LI Lihua;WU Juan

Chinese Journal of Nursing,2022,No. 14

Best evidence summary of preoperative fasting management in patients undergoing elective general anesthesia

ZHUANG Shanshan;ZHANG Zhuanyun;FU Shuang;WANG Jiang

Chinese Journal of Nursing,2022,No. 14

Reliability and validity test of a Post Competency Assessment Scale for nurses in central sterile service departments

KANG Jie;ZHANG Qing;YANG Hong;DU Heying;WU Keping;QIAO Anyu;XU Mingze

Chinese Journal of Nursing,2022,No. 14

Construction and preliminary application of early progressive exercise program for critically ill children

QI Shaodan;GU Ying;HU Jing;SHEN Weijie;LU Guoping;WANG Sujuan;ZHOU Hao

Chinese Journal of Nursing,2022,No. 14

Latent class analysis of psychological behavior adaption among children with chronic diseases

JIANG Sisi;REN Liya;WANG Yuxin;CHEN Meijia;DONG Chaoqun

Chinese Journal of Nursing,2022,No. 14

Development of an item pool for nursing assessment in epilepsy

YU Qun;LIN Zhazha;WANG Shuang;MING Wenjie;WU Fang

Chinese Journal of Nursing,2022,No. 14

Research progress on polypharmacy adherence management in HIV-infected people with chronic non-communicable diseases

HE Jiamin;ZHU Zheng;LU Hongzhou

Chinese Journal of Nursing,2022,No. 14