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Scientia Agricultura Sinica
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Sponsor(s):Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences;Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies

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Current Issue: Issue 24, 2017  

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  • Scientia Agricultura Sinica, the 1st in Comprehensive Agricultural Science, is supervised by Ministry of Agriculture of PRC, and sponsored by Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies. Scientia Agricultura Sinica, launched in 1960, is a leading peer-reviewed and mufti-disciplinary journal and published semi-monthly in Chinese with English title, abstract, figures, tables and references. It aims to publish those papers that are influential and will significantly advance scientific understanding in agriculture fields worldwide. The scope covers Crop Genetics, Breeding, Germplasm Resources; Physiology, Biochemistry, Cultivation, Tillage Plant Protection; Soil & Fertilization, Agro-Ecology & Environment, Bio-energy; Animal Science, Veterinary Science, Agricultural Information Science; Food Science; Agricultural Economics and Management; Agricultural Sustainability. The journal is included in JST, CA and CSCD.

  • Editor-in-Chief Wan Jianmin Associate Editor-in-Chief Zou Ruicang Tang HuaJun Wu Kongming Guo YuYuan Geng Xu Sun Tan Executive Editor Lu Wenru

Molecular Identification and Specific Detection of Telosma mosaic virus Infecting Passion Fruit


Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2017,Vol 50,No. 24

Construction and Application Effect of the Leaf Value Model Based on SPAD Value in Rice

LI Jie;FENG YueHua;MOU GuiTing;XU GuiLing;LUO QiangXin;LUO KangJie;HUANG ShiFeng;SHI Xin;GUAN ZhengCe;YE Yong;HUANG YouGang

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2017,Vol 50,No. 24

Construction of Cotton Variety Fingerprints Using CottonSNP63K Array

SUN ZhengWen;KUANG Meng;MA ZhiYing;WANG XingFen

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2017,Vol 50,No. 24

The Effects of Soil Water Content on N 2O Emissions and Isotope Signature of Nitrification and Denitrification

ZHENG Qian;DING JunJun;LI YuZhong;LIN Wei;XU ChunYing;LI QiaoZhen;MAO LiLi

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2017,Vol 50,No. 24

Effect of Fertilizer Being Bag-Controlled Released on Root Growth, Nitrogen Absorption and Utilization, Fruit Yield and Quality of Peach Trees

ZHANG YaFei;LUO JingJing;PENG FuTian;GAO HuaiFeng;WANG GuoDong;SUN XiWu

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2017,Vol 50,No. 24