Lectures on Theory and Methodology of Think Tank
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  • PAN Jiaofeng

    President, CASISD Co-director, China Innovation Strategy and Policy Research Center funded by the Research Office of the State Council and CAS

    Basic Logical?System?of?Think?Tank?Research?


    DIIS 3

    YANG Guoliang

    Professor, CASISD

    DIIS Theory and Methodology for Multi-scale Think Tank Issues


  • CHEN An

    Professor and PhD Supervisor, CASISD

    Applications of Think Tank DIIS Methods


    YANG Yaqin

    Professor, PhD supervisor and PhD in Economics

    Council President, Think Tank Foundation of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

    Council member, Center for Think Tank Studies of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

    Chief Expert, Innov

The construction of national top think tanks represents an unprecedented effort. The lack of research theory and methodology is the most serious problem undermining research quality for think tanks both domestically and abroad. Although research guidelines in think tanks are well-established in western countries, systematic research theory and methodology are still expected, let alone in latecomer China. Therefore, exploring the characteristics, developing theory and methodology, and establishing scientific methods and tools for think tank research have become important topics to be urgently discussed in China’s think tank construction.

“Lectures on Theory and Methodology of Think Tank” is co-hosted under this context by the Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institutes of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASISD), and the Chinese Association of Development Strategy Studies, which is organized by CNKI. Authoritative experts are invited to explore the following questions on the basic theories and principles associated with the construction of think tanks: What are the purposes of think tank construction? What are the problems faced by think tanks? What are the similarities and differences between think tank research and general academic research? What are the rules of think tank research? How do we conduct think tank research? What are the principles to be followed? How do we evaluate the performance of think tank research?

Moreover, the e-book Logical System and Methodology of Think Tank Research (bilingual) ( https://book.oversea.cnki.net/CCGBWEB/book/Detail/OB201003001; https://bianke.cnki.net/Home/Corpus/25044.html) is issued, which systematically presents the achievements of CASISD in the logical system and methodology of think tank research. Besides, it introduces the DIIS theory and methodology, the three-dimensional DIIS model, DIIS for multi-scale think tank issues, and S&T evaluation with DIIS and provides case studies. This book serves as a scientific support for think tank construction, a methodological guideline for researchers, and a window to the research process for those interested in the development of think tanks.


The lecture series, 6 lectures in total, will be released from Nov. 2020 and are free for now. Please click the link above to watch lectures.

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