China Science and Technology Frontiers & Information Service- Electrical Engineering Session
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  • Jianlin Li

    Second-level Professor at North China University of Technology

    Kaiqi Sun

    Associate Research Fellow at Shandong University

  • Zhengshuo Li

    Professor at Shandong University

    Yun Liu

    Associate Professor at the South China University of Technology

  • Zhao Ma

    Chair Professor of Shandong University

    Distinguished Expert of China Electric Power Research Institute

    Lei Han

    Professor of Editorship

    Deputy Director of Journals Center of China Electric Power Research Institute

  • Xinli Jiang


    Editorial Director of the Power System Protection and Control Department

    Leong Hai KOH

    Programme Director, Smart Grids & Power Electronics Consortium Singapore(SPECS), Energy Research Institute at NTU (ERI@N)

  • Xinyu Chen

    Deputy Director at School of Electrical and Electronic, Huazhong University of Science & Technology

    Haifeng Wang

    Chief Editor of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering

  • Ning Zhang

    Associate Professor at Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University

To promote communication and exchange of the latest academic research achievements in global STEM field, and foster the international scientific research cooperation, CNKI, in joint with excellent China's STEM journal publishers, researchers in domestic China and overseas, and global librarians, together organize a series of lectures on “China Science and Technology Frontiers & Information Service”. For this session, we will focus on Electrical Engineering field, invite researchers and editors in electrical field to share the latest research achievements as well as their journal collections.

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