China Academic Frontiers & Information Service——Carbon Neutrality for a Greener Future
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  • Jian Sun

    Associate Professor at Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University

    Dian Xie

    Engineer at the Energy Research Institute of China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd.

  • Rui Long

    Associate professor and PhD supervisor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology

    Jinbin Zhang

    Senior engineer (professor), PhD supervisor

  • Yu Gao

    Professor, School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Shenyang University of Technology

    Shilei Lyu

    Professor and PhD Supervisor at Tianjin University

  • Fawei Lin

    Talent Associate Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tianjin university

    Leijiao Ge

    Associate Professor of Tianjin University

  • Cheng Cao

    Associate professor at Southwest Petroleum University

    Qingchen Chao

    Director-General of National Climate Center of China

  • Yongxiang Zhang

    Possessor of National Climate Center of China,Co-Chair of Paris Committee on Capacity-building

    Yadong Ning

    Professor of Dalian University of Technology

  • Yongping Sun

    Ph.D. in Economics, Deputy Dean of the Institute of State Governance and Professor of the School of Economics of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

    Jianfeng Huang

    Associate Professor of Financial Engineering at the College of Economics and Management of Zhejiang A&F University; Researcher at the Institute of Ecological Civilization & Institute of Carbon Neutrality, Zhejiang A&F University

To promote communication of the latest academic achievements, the 3rd Lecture Series of “China Academic Frontiers & Information Service” is co-hosted by CNKI and influential journal publishers in China. Experts are invited to discuss and share their knowledge on how to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

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