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Revisions of Sports Law and Regulation on National Fitness from the perspective of Healthy China

TIAN Siyuan

Journal of Shanghai University of Sport,2019,Vol 43,No. 03


From program to activities: a significant change in the concept of national fitness in the new era

LI Long

Journal of Beijing Sport University,2019,Vol 42,No. 05


Research on the policy and regulation system of national fitness strategy

CHEN Huarong

China Sport Science,2017,Vol 37,No. 04


Development and path choice of bodybuilding and fitness industry under the background of developing sports industry

CHENG Luming

Journal of Beijing Sport University,2017,Vol 40,No. 07


The status, challenges and improvements of social governance in sports and recreation market

TONG Zhijian;YUAN Gujie

China Sport Science,2016,Vol 36,No. 10


Content and development ideas of Fitness-for-All initiative

HU Angang;FANG Xudong

China Sport Science,2016,Vol 36,No. 03


Implementing strategy of national fitness and promoting construction of Healthy China

LIU Guoyong

China Sport Science,2016,Vol 36,No. 12


Constitution and standardization of public service system of fitness for all

WANG Li;MENG Yazheng;HUANG Yaling;ZOU Xinxian;LI Shengxin;WANG Fang

Journal of Beijing Sport University,2015,Vol 38,No. 03


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