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Leverage Ratio

Leverage Ratio

Leverage level of listed enterprises and selection of intermediate targets of monetary policy

BA Shusong;QIN Yi

Financial Economics Research,2020,Vol 35,No. 02


A mechanism analysis of leverage cycle of Chinese enterprise sector

WANG Qing;MENG Shichao

China Industrial Economics,2020,No. 01


Does financial regulatory structure influence macro leverage ratio?

LIU Xiaoguang;LIU Yuanchun;WANG Jian

The Journal of World Economy,2019,Vol 42,No. 03


Leverage ratio of China’s banking sector: current conditions and potential risks


International Economic Review,2019,No. 03


Effect of the leverage ratio on income distribution

LIU Xiaoguang;LIU Yuanchun;SHEN Guangjun

China Industrial Economics,2019,No. 02


Leverage, short-term debt for long-term use and firm performance

LIU Xiaoguang;LIU Yuanchun

Economic Research Journal,2019,Vol 54,No. 07


What leverage is beneficial to firm innovation

WANG Yuze;LUO Nengsheng;LIU Wenbin

China Industrial Economics,2019,No. 03


Tax burden, fiscal subsidy and enterprise leverage

LI Jianjun;ZHANG Shuyao

Public Finance Research,2018,No. 05


Soft budget constraint, financing premium and leverage ratio: micro-mechanism and economic effects of the supply-side structural reform

Research Group of Operations Office, The People’s Bank of China;LI Hongjin;LI Kang;Su Naifang

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Chinese leverage ratio and systematic financial risk prevention

MA Jiantang;DONG Xiaojun;SHI Hongxiu;XU Jie;MA Xiaofang

Finance & Trade Economics,2016,Vol 37,No. 01


Redemption risk research of open-ended leverage fund based on the leverage ratios

ZHOU Huanyu

Financial Economics Research,2015,Vol 30,No. 01


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