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Real Economy

Real Economy

Overspeculation in the stock market and the Chinese real economy: theory and practice

SU Dongwei;MAO Jianhui

Economic Research Journal,2019,Vol 54,No. 10


Research on the regional difference and distributional dynamic evolution of real economy development ①

WANG Qian;DONG Yanling

The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics,2018,Vol 35,No. 05


Do institutional investors drive financialization of real economy?

LIU Wei;CAO Yuqiang

Finance & Trade Economics,2018,Vol 39,No. 12


The effect of the changes in real-estate collateral value on real economy


Journal of Finance and Economics,2017,Vol 43,No. 10


On the development of China’s real economy at the new stage

HUANG Qunhui

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 09


?How does banking support the supply-front reform of the real economy: from the perspectives of entry and exit of firms

WU Han;JIA Runsong

Journal of Finance and Economics,2016,Vol 42,No. 12


Financing discrimination, market distortions and profit lost: also discussing the influence of virtual economy on real economy

LUO Laijun;JIANG Cheng;WANG Yazhang

Economic Research Journal,2016,Vol 51,No. 04


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