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Urban Agglomeration

Urban Agglomeration

Analysis on the evolution characteristics and laws of urban scale distribution in China’s urban agglomeration


Ecological Economy,2019,Vol 35,No. 02


Synergistic development level, dynamic trajectory and convergence between work adaptability and ecological livability of Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration

ZHANG Huan;TANG Shangying;GENG Zhirun

The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics,2019,Vol 36,No. 02


Research on the border effect of intercity consumption flows: a case study of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River


Finance & Trade Economics,2019,Vol 40,No. 07


The influence of industrial structure adjustment on haze pollution: an empirical study of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

ZHU Liyun;LI Tong;MA Liyan;LIU Zhilin

Ecological Economy,2018,Vol 34,No. 10


Distribution dynamics, difference decomposition and convergence mechanism of producer services in Chinese urban agglomerations

LIANG Hongyan

The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics,2018,Vol 35,No. 12


Quantitative measurement of economic development imbalance among urban agglomerations in China

WANG Qing;JIN Chun

The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics,2018,Vol 35,No. 11


Spatial-temporal pattern and influencing factors of corporate innovation in three coastal urban clusters in China

LIU Shufeng;DU Debin;QIN Xionghe;HE Shunhui

Economic Geography,2018,Vol 38,No. 12


Evolution characteristics of industrial land of the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration

XU Jun;HE Qingyun;ZHU Zheng

Economic Geography,2018,Vol 38,No. 11


High-speed railway network structure and characteristics in three urban agglomerations in China

ZHAO Yinghui;CHU Nanchen;GUO Jingpeng;JIANG Bo;ZHU Liang

Economic Geography,2017,Vol 37,No. 10


Research on the regional differences decomposition and convergence mechanism of development of Internet finance of eight urban agglomerations in China

LIU Chuanming;WANG Huitong;WEI Xiaomin

The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics,2017,Vol 34,No. 08


City group, agglomeration effect and investment surge: an empirical analysis based on 20 city groups in China


China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 11


Regional disparity and dynamic distribution evolution of innovation capability among seven major Chinese city clusters

YANG Minghai;ZHANG Hongxia;SUN Yanan

The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics,2017,Vol 34,No. 03


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