On the construction of new agricultural management system driven by innovation research and development: from the angle of interest symbiosis of the agricultural business entities

LI Shijie1 YUAN Bo1 GAO Jian2 JIN Weijian1

(1.School of Economics, Hainan University, Haikou, Hainan 570228)
(2.School of Civil and Architectural Engineering, Hainan University, Haikou, Hainan 570228)

【Abstract】Establishing a new agricultural industrialization management system is one of the important ways to develop modern agriculture in China, and perfecting and creating new forms of interestrelationships among various business entities is an important foundation to realize the vigorous development of agricultural industrialization system and increase agricultural income. However, the research on modern agricultural management mode in existing literature is relatively scarce, and most of them are policy explanations and planning suggestions on the management mode of diversified business entities, with little exploratory and substantive research progress. Based on the perspective of symbiotic relationship of interests of agricultural business entities, this paper reveals some problems in the existing organizational mode of industrialization, such as loose connection between business entities and insufficient service ability of business entities, which cannot effectively increase farmers’ income or realize efficient and orderly operation of industrial chains. In order to promote China’s further agricultural modernization, the concept of green entrepreneurship center, a new business entity, was put forward, and then the theoretical framework of green entrepreneurship center + leading companies + farmers was explored. Green entrepreneurship centers, as the “engine” of research and development of new agricultural production technologies, establish strategic alliances with companies in many industrial chains, and promote the joining of leading companies related to multiple industries. In such way, industrial chains are extended both vertically and horizontally, and interest relationships among business entities are strengthened from aspects of price, factor, organization and ideas. This paper finds that the new agricultural business entity of green entrepreneurship center has increased theinterest relationships among business entities, helped each business entity to have a clear division of labor and carry out orderly production, reduced market risks, improved mutual trust among business entities to establish stable symbiotic relationships of interests among business entities by forming an interest alliance of co-construction, co-operation and sharing. At the same time, the operation of the model of green entrepreneurship center + leading companies + farmers also depends on the macro-control and policy support of the government, leading agricultural companies and other units. This paper contributes to previous literature from the following two aspects. First, from the perspective of the symbiotic relationship of interests among business entities, it discusses the development status and defects of the existing dual and multi-agent agricultural industrialization organization model. Second, this paper puts forward the concept of green entrepreneurship center, a new type of business entity, explores an orderly and efficient industrialization mode of green entrepreneurship center + leading companies + farmers and expounds its organizational structure and the evolution of the symbiotic relationship of interests among various business entities. To some extent, this paper reveals the symbiotic relationship of interests between business entities in the existing multi-agent agricultural industrialization organization mode, and summarizes an orderly and efficient agricultural industrialization mode, which will help to improve the present situation of China’s agricultural development and have important theoretical significance for the construction of new socialist countryside and rural revitalization.

【Keywords】 agricultural industrialization; organizational mode; business entities; benefit symbiosis;


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Vol , No. 01, Pages 75-84

December 2021


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