Transfer of non-phthalate plasticizers in cigarette mainstream smoke, filter and smoked tobacco in butt

ZHAO Haijuan1 ZHANG Wenjie2 WANG Hui1 WANG Yufang1 JIA Lintao1 WANG Hui1 ZHANG Junsong2 ZHENG Meiling2 LI Wenwei1

(1.Anyang Cigarette Factory, China Tobacco Henan Industrial Co., Ltd.)
(2.College of Food and Bioengineering, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry)

【Abstract】In order to study the transfer behavior of non-phthalate plasticizers during smoking, we employed gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy-selective ion monitoring (GC/MS-SIM) method to analyze the distribution of 12 non-phthalate ester plasticizers (including DEA, DIBA, DBA, BXA, DEHA, TEC, TBC, ATBC, TBP, TPP, TOP and DEDB) in total particulate matter (TPM) of mainstream cigarette smoke, filter, cut tobacco in smoked butt and cigarette ash. The results are as follows: 1) The transfer rates of the 12 non-phthalate plasticizers to TPM and their retention rates in filter and in smoked butt were 8.37%–32.38%, 3.18%–41.66% and 1.13%–14.43%, respectively. 2) The sums of transfer rate to TPM and retention rates in filter and smoked butt for four kinds of non-phthalate plasticizers (aromatic carboxylic acid esters, aliphatic dibasic acid esters, citric acid esters and phosphate esters) were 27.46%–50.29%, 22.85%–75.82%, 26.25%–41.11% and 14.97%–55.41%, respectively. 3) The 12 non-phthalate plasticizers were not detected in cigarette ash. 4) The transfer rates of the 12 non-phthalate plasticizers to TPM decreased with the increase of their adding amount. 5) For non-phthalate plasticizers of the same kind, the transfer rate to TPM decreased with the increase of relative molecular weight, and the transfer rate of isomer was higher than that of normal compound.

【Keywords】 Plasticizer; Non-phthalate esters; Cigarette; Transfer behavior; GC/MS-SIM;


【Funds】 Science and Technology Project of China Tobacco Henan Industrial Co., Ltd. (ZW2015035)

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(Translated by ZHAO B)


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