Development and reliability and validity tests of the tool of community nursing needs scale for patients with middle and advanced Parkinson’s disease

LI Qin1 SONG Caiping1 CHEN Yulu1 JIANG Ling1 WAN Xueli1 FENG Jinhua1

(1.Neurology Medical Center, Second Affiliated Hospital of PLA Army Medical University)

【Abstract】Objective To develop the questionnaire of community nursing needs assessment tool for middle and advanced Parkinson’s disease and to test its reliability and validity. Methods Based on Maslow theory of hierarchical needs and Johnson behavior theory, using literature review, semi-structured interviews, and Delphi, the primary questionnaire was initially formulated on community nursing needs for middle and advanced Parkinson’s disease, and the questionnaire was adjusted and revised through pre-survey. 400 patients with middle and advanced Parkinson’s disease in Chongqing from March to October 2021 were investigated in the form of face-to-face survey, and the reliability, validity, and needs were further analyzed. Results The community nursing needs questionnaire for middle and advanced Parkinson’s disease contains 39 items in 6 dimensions, including daily life care needs, fall prevention needs, autonomic dysfunction needs, emotional support needs, disease treatment needs, and continuing care needs. The Cronbach’s α coefficients of the questionnaire was 0.922, and the split-half reliability of the questionnaire was 0.702. The total content validity index of the questionnaire was 0.907 and each item ranged from 0.78 to 1.00 Exploratory factor analysis extracted 6 main factors and the cumulative variance contribution rate was 68.952%. Confirmatory factor analysis showed that the model fit well and the factor structure was stable. Conclusion The questionnaire has good reliability and validity, which can be used as a specific tool to comprehensively reflect the needs of patients for community nursing support, and it can also be used as an auxiliary tool for dynamic evaluation of disease symptom control to guide nurses to carry out health assessment, management and education.

【Keywords】 Parkinson’s Disease; Community Nursing; Needs; Reliability; Validity;


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Vol , No. 11, Pages 1351-1358

June 2022


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