Research advances in training transfer and implications for specialist nurse training

ZHANG Yan1 LÜ Feifei2 CHEN Qin1 SHI Yan1 ZHANG Hongmei3 TIAN Yutong1

(1.School of Nursing and Health, Zhengzhou University)
(2.Department of Neurology, Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University)
(3.Henan Provincial People’s Hospital Nursing Department)

【Abstract】Training transfer refers to the application of specific behaviors learned from training to the actual work of trainees and the continued maintenance of the behavior after a period of time. This paper reviewed the concept and common models of training transfer, and summarized the research progress on the influencing factors and implementation strategies of training transfer. Based on the training transfer model, we compared the problems in the process of training transfer of specialist nurses in China, and put forward preliminary suggestions to promote the effectiveness of training transfer of specialist nurses in China, including the urgent need to build a positive training transfer climate and reconstruct the migration design link, so as to provide references for furthers improving the effectiveness of training of specialist nurses in China.

【Keywords】 Training Transfer; Specialist Nurses; Continuing Education; Nursing Management;


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Vol , No. 11, Pages 1391-1395

June 2022


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