Quality Traceability System of TCM Based on Two-Dimensional Code

CAI Yong1,2 LI Xi-wen3 NI Jing-yun2 CHENG Nu-hua1 CHEN Hai1 WANG Yi-tao2 HU Hao2

(1.Information Technology College of Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus, Zhuhai, China 519087)
(2.State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine/Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences/University of Macau, Macau, China 999078)
(3.Institute of Chinese Materia Medica,China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing, China 100700)
【Knowledge Link】isotope; species

【Abstract】Objective: To explore the quality traceability of traditional Chinese medicine based on quality two-dimensional code. Methods: Through reviewing and evaluating the current major tracing technologies and traceability system of traditional Chinese medicine, it was proposed that the concept of traditional Chinese medicine quality two-dimensional code, and on this basis, to build a quality traceability system and proposed concept model of online cloud platform of TCM quality traceability system, while the pros and cons were discussed. Results: This system was expected to break through the limitations of most of the original traceability system, not only to have information on the origin, circulation and processing steps, but also to track the intrinsic quality of the medicine; meanwhile the system expected to be used not only for Chinese herbal medicines, but also expected to be used to pieces, soups, Chinese patent drugs, etc. Conclusion: This study provides a theoretical basis for the establishment of quality traceability system of traditional Chinese medicine.

【Keywords】 Chemical fingerprinting of traditional Chinese medicine; Quality traceability of traditional Chinese medicine; Quality two-dimensional code of traditional Chinese medicine; Quality snapshot of traditional Chinese medicine; Quality unit;


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Vol 39, No. 02, Pages 275-280

February 2016


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  • 1 Key tracking technology and TCM quality tracking system
  • 2 TCM quality two-dimensional code
  • 3 Design of TCM quality tracking system with two-dimensional code
  • 4 Application prospect of TCM quality tracking system with two-dimensional code
  • 5 Discussion
  • References