Genome-wide characterization and expression analysis of WRKY family genes during development and resistance to?Colletotrichum fructicola?in cultivated strawberry (Fragaria×ananassa?Duch.)

Jun. 28,2022
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Based on the recently published whole-genome sequence of cultivated?strawberry?‘Camarosa’, in this study, 222?FaWRKY?genes were identified in the ‘Camarosa’ genome. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the 222?FaWRKY?candidate genes were classified into three groups, of which 41 were in group I, 142 were in group II, and 39 were in group III. The 222?FaWRKY?genes were evenly distributed among the seven chromosomes. The exon–intron structures and motifs of the WRKY genes had evolutionary diversity in different cultivated strawberry genomes. Regarding differential expression, the expression of?FaWRKY133?was relatively high in leaves, while?FaWRKY63?was specifically expressed in roots.?FaWRKY207, 59, 46, 182, 156, 58, 39, 62?and?115?were up-regulated during achene development from the green to red fruit transition.?FaWRK181, 166?and?211?were highly expressed in receptacles at the ripe fruit stage. One interesting finding was that?FaWRKY179?and?205?were significantly repressed after?Colletotrichum?fructicola?inoculation in both ‘Benihoppe’ and ‘Sweet Charlie’ compared with Mock. The data reported here provide a foundation for further comparative genomics and analyses of the distinct expression patterns of?FaWRKY?genes in various tissues and in response to?C. fructicola?inoculation.

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Corresponding Author: GAO Qinghua
CNKI Press Officer: LI Jingjing YANG Na

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